How Much Protein and When to Eat Protein

Does protein help with muscle growth?

Absolutely it does and the research bears this out.

But do to time your protein intake? Specifically, do you need a post-workout protein shake (or a pre-workout or during workout supplement of any sort)?

I just read about a recent study over on Brad Pilon’s blog ( where they tested just this. You can read the full details but this jumped out at me:

“Surprisingly, after six hours of fasting the non-exercised leg had levels of protein synthesis that would be expected after a large protein meal and the exercised leg had a rate of mixed muscle protein synthesis that was 20% higher then the non-exercised leg – reaching the same levels that are found in studies where people are fed protein after their workouts, showing that resistance exercises changes the way your body uses protein, directing it more towards muscle metabolism, and that this occurs when food is followed by a workout to a similar extent as when workout is followed by food. [Witard OC, 2009].”

What they found is that protein and resistance training caused results; only trained muscles respond to protein.

When to Eat Protein

Brad is positing that it doesn’t matter when you eat protein in order for it to take effect, so long as you get enough.

How Much Protein

You can find more information on how much protein you should have in the eBook How Much Protein. This book is chock full of research backing up every claim. You can also check out the Reverse Taper Diet which includes dieting patterns specific to men or women (be sure to buy the correct version!) and how to approach your final goal for longterm success with maintenance. The calculator included gives specific recommendations based upon your current height, weight, age, body fat levels and how much you train.

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