How I Finally Got Glutes at 50 (no more unfortunate pancake butt)

Glute Before and After

Glute Before and After

Right Size But(t )Wrong Shape

When I finished my transformation, I was thrilled to be a size 4 for the first time in my life. But no matter how many squats I did, I had an unfortunate flat pancake butt. I could not use any of my side photos because they were just so awful. 

Work Smarter, Stronger and Safer

When I started following Get Glutes, I finally made progress and got a butt that fills out pants well. I also learned how to squat and deadlift properly so my injury rate plummeted while my strength sky rocketed. I never expected to be hitting PRs in my 50s but now I know I have more potential than I ever hoped! 

Research Based Program

Most trainers claim just squatting heavy for glute development. (“Do you even squat?”) Unfortunately, for many women, myself included, squats tend to be a quad dominant exercise and doing more or heavier squats alone will not recruit glutes that are not firing. 

Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis design workouts based on solid research and lots of hip thrusts and glute bridges of all varieties, along with other exercises that have been tested to recruit all gluteal muscles and maximize growth potential. 

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Fun Workouts Every Month

Every month, Bret and Kellie send new workouts and tutorials on any new moves, plus ongoing teachings on the big lifts. Form checks are included with your membership so take advantage of the world class coaching. The online community is vety supportive and well-informed to help you achieve your best results. I have been a member for over two years and am having as much fun as ghe day I joined. 

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