Holiday Maintenance: Starting the New Year off Right

Watching Grass Grow

Watching Grass Grow

Maintenance seems to look about as interesting as watching grass grow from the outside and part of that is the not letting anyone see you sweat because it sure looks stupid to sweat to stay where you are. But the truth is, I sweat and now I realize I always will.

My big news in 2014 is this is the first year in my life I did not gain holiday weight.

Woo hoo! The crowd goes wild!!!! I can hear you all from here. Wait, what’s that you’re saying? “Whatever!”

Well lemme tell you something! It is no small feat to stay in the same place in this culture of excess.

I took metrics before Thanksgiving and again on January 3rd and they were identical. And I attended an insane amount of events and pigged out at every single one. (My friends can attest to this, I assure you.)

So this means I worked very hard between. I made sure to hit my metrics weekly, as I always do, but this meant skipping breakfast at least 5 days a week and doing extra movement regularly too. Kind of Captain Obvious stuff, really, and yet last year and the year before even though I was a Maintenance Veteran, I started the new year demoralized, bloated, despondent, disappointed, and needing to get my ass in gear.

This year, I feel confident and accomplished and ready to accomplish goals relating to both my physique and my career. To that end, I will be sharing progress photos and DEXA results soon. Stay tuned to see if my body fat and lean body mass have changed from a year ago this time.

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