Healthy Easy Meal Prep

Who doesn’t want to serve their family healthy, delicious meals and have the preparation and cleanup be a cinch?

Here are my big wins on getting this done.

Join a CSA

Locally grown vegetables from your farmer’s market vary during the season and force you to try new flavors.

This is not for the beginner. If you are just learning to enjoy more vegetables, perhaps start with salads and broccoli, adding in more variety one thing at a time. But when you are ready for more nutrients, flavor and challenge, you won’t find a better value than joining a CSA. Meanwhile, support your local farmer’s markets regularly. Even just trying new herbs and spices will give your body all kinds of good healing and energy and your palette a treat!

Source Local Protein Sources

We find all manner of protein through what might appear to be drug deals! We are “that family”, meeting up in a Lowe’s parking lot to get grassfed beef, locally raised free range pork, goat, even venison (not trying that one again).We just got rid of our chickens so we will be finding local sources for happy free range eggs. When our sources are dry, we resort to some use of protein powder to hit our daily minimum requirements (50g for women and 70g for men) and then look forward to restocking the freezer and living high on the hog again!

Slow cook!

Now put it all together!

Take some protein and veggies and forget about recipes! Get yourself a Wonderbag!

What, pray tell, is a Wonderbag? Glad you asked!

Only the niftiest invention since the slow cooker. I had a slow cooker that I used a handful of times to produce incredible meals. How amazing to come home to a house that smells like someone’s been cooking all day but all you did was toss a few things in a pot!

So why did I stop using mine? First of all, it was too small to feed our family so we were all left deeply disappointed. And secondly, I heard that they leech lead. That freaked me right out. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but in our toxic environment, I don’t need to continue doing anything so risky.

The night I first read about this cool Wonderbag, I spent a full 5 minutes considering and just ordered immediately. I shared with a few friends who all missed out because they sold out that same night. Many of them learned you can make your own and more power to you if you’re all crafty like that but I know by now I dream more than I do when it comes to this sort of project.

UPDATE: One of the bonuses of the Wonderbag is that it doesn’t let any odors out. If you are home, no dealing with the tantalizing smells. And no residual odor for days!

How does the Wonderbag work?

It’s very simple. You simply get your own 8 quart pot all loaded up and nicely heated and then pop it inside the bag, seal it up, and done. It works by holding in the heat. If you touch it, there is simply no energy leakage. A nice bonus is you can use minimal fat to prepare your meals so there is no guilt going back for seconds thirds!

UPDATE: I am going to list how I make use of this wonderful new cooking method.

Wonderbag Cooking Ideas

  • brown rice – left for way longer than you’d normally cook it
  • yucca – no worries about all the water boiling off because it cooks so darned long
  • stews and soups, both vegetarian and meat based
  • braised goat/sauteed onion (no added fat), herbs & spices, finely chopped collards and fennel, mung beans, water & chicken stock
  • more to come

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