Gymnasts are not linebackers!

We live in Gator country.

I didn’t fully appreciate what this meant when we first moved here. Turns out, it’s a big deal! Everyone is totally into all the sports at the university and especially football.

We didn’t attend the university so I didn’t expect to get all caught up in team spirit but with one of my girls a competitive gymnast, we’ve been totally smitten bitten by the Gator.

College sports have changed in production since my days at university and this is a good surprise. I was most surprised to see cheerleaders for the gymnasts! How cool is that?

One thing that sorta kinda surprised me, but nGator gymnasts are fit, strong and lean!ot totally, is the fact that every single visiting team does not look like our (yes, I’m a total fan now!) Gator girls. Our girls always win when we go and I am certain it’s not just that they’re better trained. It’s the fact that the other teams are needlessly hauling around a good 10, if not 20-30 pounds of fat.

Now, you’d think to look at them that they’re super strong. I’ve seen this mistake a lot: people assume fat = strong. But it doesn’t! Muscles = strong. There is absolutely no need to have pounds and pounds of extra weight in order to be stronger. In fact, the impact of hitting the ground with extra weight is not good for the body and this is clear because every single visiting team we’ve seen has not only performed worse, but they’ve all had far more injuries. They’re all wrapped, bandaged and babying stuff – ankles, wrists, knees. It just doesn’t look good for a body to be going through that!

I have some insight into why this is.

In this interview with Alison Scott, former varsity athlete, you learn how she was misled by the university’s nutritionist and packed on an extra 20 pounds of unsightly fat. (This is the second part of a series. You can listen to part I of Ali’s interview here.)

College athletes are actually coached into getting fat, all in the name of gaining muscle. Yes, perhaps these girls put on a pound or two of actual muscle in their tenure, but they do not suddenly add 10 or more because, well, that’s not possible! Ali saw her go up and assumed that she was getting stronger because of that, not because of training techniques that pushed her further. But she was a young woman who wanted to look feminine and and all this extra weight forced her to assume the identity of athlete.

You don’t have to assume any identity! You can be as feminine and strong as you like! And yes, dare I say it? Healthy? Join Naomi Rules and reach your potential!

(By the way, before I got to publish this blog post, I heard some moms at my daughter’s gymnastics talking about this very topic and one even commented that it didn’t seem safe for the other athletes to be competing and that they were “out of shape”.)

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