Glute Camp: Boot Camp for Moms

Glute Camp

Glute Camp

I am busy developing a workout program for moms (and their teens ages 13 and up) that they can do while their babies are with them, even if they are babywearing*.

There are experts and organizations who promote similar models but what is different about my program is the kids needs are met at all times.

How Does it Work?

In any new situation, even the smallest of babies is looking around, learning, trying to do what everyone else is doing. So while you might try to exercise at home and find that your kids are a hinderance, when you do the same thing in a group setting, the kids quickly realize what their role is.

The classes are designed so that moms can take a break to nurse, kiss a boo boo, feed a snack, redirect, etc, and then jump back in where they were. Once the kids get the idea that their needs will continue to be met, they are on board and there are generally fewer distractions.

This class is ideal for moms who either can’t afford a gym membership or who, like me, have a child who simply won’t be dropped off in the gym’s kidcare. My first daughter cried to the point of throwing up the one and only time I tried that with her and that is how she remained for a few years.

Why not just join Stroller Strides or Fit4Baby?

These programs are excellent but they lack a few things. First off, they are franchises with a hefty $5K startup cost. I invest every spare dollar into research and equipment. My program will have a minimal cost.

Second, the workouts will simply not be as well-designed as my workouts. Most workouts focus far too much on cardio and if there is strength work, it neglects the posterior chain and often focuses too much precious time and energy on smaller muscle groups. The strongest muscles in our body are on the backside of our bodies and working them effectively will help with strength, endurance, posture, self-confidence, and reduce pain. Time and efficiency are of the essence when kids are involved so we need to get ‘er done and then be there for our kids!

Currently, I am researching on the job how to use the minimal amount of equipment and lots of bodyweight moves so that everyone can get a solid, full body workout. Many of my ideas are from this wonderful bodyweight strength training book by Bret Conteras. You can download a free sample of Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy which includes some of the more challenging exercises to which I refer.

Other exercises include the use of a Jungle Gym (similar to TRX but more affordable), kettlebells, and bands.

What’s next?

Over the next few months, I will be developing an affordable ebook so others can use the model I’ve created and start a Glute Camp group in their area!

What do you think? Would you like to see something like this?

*All exercises done while babywearing must be done using a proper, safe, two shouldered baby carrier, worn front or back.

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