Glorious Glutes at Last: My Butt is Bigger than my Belly!

Hiding in Plain Side

If you’ve ever stumbled across transformation photos of me online, you might notice a glaring lack of side view photos.

That is not by accident. It is because I was always so ashamed of the look that I never submitted the actual side view photos. I cheated it a bit by showing more of a frontal side view that hides the butt.

And try as I might by practicing posing, using stupidly high heels, losing yet more body fat, building more muscle, crazy arching and belly sucking in techniques, I could never seem to manage a look where my butt was bigger than my belly.

Until now!

Observe! Exhibit A!

The photo on the right is from a photo shoot earlier this year, after two years of following Get Glutes <–click link for the best glute program in the world

Side View Glute Progress Bikini

And lest you think we all need to strut around in bikinis to show off this hard work, think again. I submit Exhibit B: my before and after clothed look which tells the whole story in no uncertain terms.

Side View Glute Progress Clothed

Postural Transformation

A note about posing for photos and posture in general. Over the 2 year period I took most of these bikini photos, I struggled with posture and self-consciousness about my belly being bigger than my butt. In most of my contest photos, I am arching my back to the point of extreme pain, simply to try to create the illusion of a bigger butt. You can tell in body building competition photos that women are doing this because the groove in their back is not even top to bottom.

It is neither good to slouch and tuck the pelvis under, as I am clearly doing in some of these photos, nor to arch and throw the lower back into spasm. My transformation has involved a lot of hard work, relearning how to use my body both in the gym and the other 23 hours of the day. I have been studying the Gokhale Method for over a year now. Improved posture has greatly reduced my back pain, improved core muscular tone, and improved my self-confidence as I embrace standing taller and with more open body positioning.

We can and should improve for life. When we are not striving, we are shrinking. How are you growing and challenging yourself? What metrics are you using to be certain you are achieving your goals?
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