Girl Metrics Suck

Scale Tomfoolery

It occurred to me after I took my starting metrics that sometimes, girl metrics suck. Not only had I carbed it up the night before with lasagna and 2 4 desserts at a potluck, I also had PMS bloat. The good news is that the event I’m preparing for will not be during shark week! By simply watching calories between now and then and carbs the day before, I should be fine to look my best in the dress.

The scale has already dropped 4 pounds since Friday, about 1/3 to 1/2 pound of which is fat. Not earth shattering, but I’ll take it. I’ve fought tooth and nail for the forward progress I have made so far! I got off to a rough start this time around.

Weekend Warrior, AKA Plans are Meant to be Broken?

Weekends can be such a challenge but I still believe they are for enjoying. I am not sure during a cut I can afford to get off track for more than a day here and there but it does seem possible to recover from even unexpected messups. My Saturday was a backwards day but Sunday and Friday made up for it.

Here’s how it went down. Friday, I stuck to the plan beautifully! Then Saturday, I was all over the place foodwise. In my defense, I hadn’t slept well due to a feisty cat redecorating my bedside table a few times the night before. It was just a perfect storm for me to eat without any restraint at all. By Saturday night, I was feeling pretty lackadaisical about food choices and quantities. Has this happened before. Yup! Will it happen again? Sure! Do I beat myself up about it? Not for very long, no! I just don’t! And you shouldn’t either. Expect it and enjoy it.

Get Back on Track Right Away!

Sunday, I woke up wanting to feel cleaner and lighter so I did an unplanned fast until dinner. And, just like that, I was back on track!

Sure, I could have chosen to beat myself up and figure I’d already blown it so I might as well just pig out again. And again.

It didn’t hurt that I’d already declared my intentions publicly. And that I seriously have no intention of being seen in public in a form fitting outfit with my middle spilling out.

So case closed. I’m now finishing up day 5 and even with diversions and unplanned events, I am ahead of where I was when I started out.


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