The Quest for a Flat Belly Continues!

I was going to wait to tell you guys. But I am so excited, I can’t wait any longer!

Strong AND Sexy but Sucking it in!

Strong AND Sexy but Sucking it in!

I’ve had a poochy belly for as long as I could remember. After I did my transformation, unfortunately, I still had a pooch. I didn’t share about this at the time, but I continued losing weight after hitting my ideal Venus proportions and began going down the dangerous path of disordered eating and dysmorphic thinking so common to fitness professionals.

Even though I am super proud of my glute progress, I have to suck in very hard in all side view photos

Even though I am super proud of my glute progress, I have to suck in very hard in all side view photos

Luckily, with the strong community support forum, I was able to not go too far down that rabbit hole and really take the time to integrate my new body while still wondering what to do about the pooch. I won’t fib; fab fashions finally fitting helped a lot! How freeing to flit fabulously around a fitting room, full of felicity and festivity!

Meanwhile, I kept at work both inside and out, improving my gut health and doing workouts to address core strength and functioning. I went through a series of programs which may be wonderful but unfortunately, they all seem to have been too advanced.

The problem with advanced core exercises is that if you are not able to engage the proper muscles, you won’t learn to by doing things that are too advanced. Seems kind of obvious, but if you don’t even realize you are compensating with the wrong muscles, you will never get back to basics and learn. And that is exactly what I kept running into with these programs. I was able to move through the levels or phases but nothing really seemed to be changing in terms of core engagement.

Until now!

I have just started a new program and I can finally, fleetingly, feel new muscles engaging! It’s still a bit tricky to feel it consistently, but I finally feel confident that I will learn to engage correctly and this will not only help all my lifts and my back health, but it will lead at last to that elusive flat belly and perhaps feeling comfortable in a slinky dress and going in public in a bathing suit!

This is my affiliate link to the program and I would really appreciate it if you would purchase through this link if you do decide to buy this amazing program! I will keep you posted on how it’s going perhaps even get bold enough to share some before and after photos at some point!

Affiliate link: Mutu Systems

If you do decide to purchase the program, I strongly recommend getting a small Pilates ball like this one.

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