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Full disclosure: All of the products listed below are affiliate links. I own and have used all of them. I own a lot more products I am not endorsing so trust that these carefully selected products will get you the results you need in the simplest fashion. If you choose to buy, please click through my links as this is how I make money! Thank you!

Get Glutes

GetGlutes Affiliate

Sad fact. Aftet my amazing contest winning transformation, my backside was unfortunate. No more pancake butt for me!  I am a lifetime member at Get Glutes and I look forward to seeing you there!

The Venus Factor

Venus Factor


The Venus Factor is the big shabang for women. Everything you’d ever need to do diet or exercise. Learn more about The Venus Factor. The Venus Factor replaces Venus Index (see below).



Ideal Shape for Women

Venus Index

Venus Index Contest Winner Naomi SandovalVenus Index is the best workout program for women looking to attain the ideal hourglass figure. This is about reaching your ideal ratios, based upon your height. These workouts are for women only.

I used the Venus Index program to get into the best shape of my life and won first place in the Venus Index Open Contest in April of 2011.

I won in the Venus Index Open Level 2 Contest a year later and have maintained ever since.

I am also a regularly featured Guest Blogger on Venus Index!

Buy Venus Index!




Ideal Shape for Men

Adonis Effect
Adonis Index
The best workout program for men looking to attain their ideal proportions is the Adonis Index. My husband won the Adonis Index transformation contest! As a woman looking to build more upper body strength, I have done all of the Adonis workouts and can attest to the fact that they are going to get you the best results of your life, male or female.

Buy Adonis Index!




For the Most Fabulous Glutes

Try before you buy with this free PDF download sampler from the Strong Curves book! They are practically giving away the book. I got amazing results from not much more than this amount of information so what are you waiting for? Forget the Brazilian Butt Lift and get going with research based glute training!


Buy Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body!


MetaZone Performance Boosting System

MetaZone Performance Boosting SystemLifting heavier weights than ever before with minimal soreness and no injury sounds too good to be true but I experienced it with Joe Weaver’s MetaZone Performance Boosting System.

When recovering from a serious setback and working from not being able to squat body weight to my previous personal best, I found Joe’s breathing technique helped keep energy levels up while allowing steady and significant performance increases. It was truly hard to believe I was moving the weights in better form that ever and through a full range of movement as I was not hobbling around like an oldster the rest of my day!

Buy MetaZone



Transformation Workout

Turbulence Training First Place Winner Naomi SandovalTurbulence Training Transformation ContestIf you are just starting out, this is the perfect program for you. You can see me in the header after I used this program and had incredible results.

I used Turbulence Training to transform my body into amazing shape and win 1st place in the 7th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest for Women over 40.

This program helped me believe it was possible to get into incredible shape over 40!

Buy Turbulence Training!


Body Weight Workout

Shape Shifter Bodyweight Workouts

The Shape Shifter workouts are bodyweight workouts that you can do anywhere. Travel a lot? Not ready to commit to a gym membership? You have no more excuses!


Buy the Shape Shifter Workout Program!

Advanced Lifting Program

Anabolic Again Cluster Cycles

 When you have reached a strength plateau, the techniques in Anabolic Again Cluster Cycles will bring your body to the next level. I did this program with my husband and we both achieved the best results of our life.

Be warned, this program is not easy and you won’t get much else done. Also, you can’t expect to diet down while doing this program.

Wimps need not apply.

Buy Anabolic Again Cluster Cycles

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