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Full disclosure: All of the products listed below are affiliate links. I own and have used all of them. I own a lot more products I am not endorsing so trust that these carefully selected products will get you the results you need in the simplest fashion. If you choose to buy, please click through my links as this is how I make money! Thank you!

Why So Many Diets?

The short answer to why so many diets is because I want to succeed for life and the more tools you have in your bag, the more likely you will not only lose the weight but maintain for life.

The Venus Factor

Venus Factor


The Venus Factor is the big shabang for women. Everything you’d ever need to do diet or exercise. Learn more about The Venus Factor.




Eat Stop Eat: Fast Your Way to a Caloric Deficit

Eat Stop Eat

If you buy nothing else, buy Eat Stop Eat.

I counted calories when I had a lot of weight to lose and truly resented suffering every single day. Once I started using Eat Stop Eat, I was able to enjoy most days at maintenance with a few fasts thrown in each week to create a caloric deficit.

Now that I am maintaining, I like to relax on weekends and around holidays while I continue to use the principles of Eat Stop Eat to never get bigger around the middle.

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Anything Goes: No More Orthorexia

Anything Goes DietI have had many food rules over the years (organic, local, grass fed, no antibiotics nor growth hormones, vegetarian, raw vegan) but it wasn’t until John Barban laid it out in the Anything Goes Diet that I realized I wasn’t in charge; food was ruling me.

Further, it was making social situations unpleasant. Living with guilt because my family had pizza is ridiculous.

How freeing to enjoy all foods for the first time in my life while maintaining maximum health and looking better than ever before.

The Anything Goes Diet is not a free pass to eat garbage all the time but it most certainly is possible to eat anything you like and still eat a diet that allows for maximum health and longevity. No more orthorexia for me.

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Reverse Taper: No Rebound Diet

Reverse Taper Diet CalculatorReverse Taper Diet Calculator for MenI learned the hard way that you cannot crash diet your way to your ultimate goal and expect the body to not rebel. On the flipside, you can practice extremely low caloric restriction when you have a long way to go.

This wonderful book helps you understand exactly how much you should be eating given your current weight and fitness levels.

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