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Everyone needs to be inspired.

20130929-124848.jpgSometimes, I find I first need to become aware of an area in which I can improve and get a fresh perspective that resonates with what I can bring to the table; my strengths and interests and sense of fun must be satisfied.

You can tell me your great solution to my life until you are blue in the face but if it’s not interesting to me, that is never going to click. Does this make sense?

Another part of the secret sauce to achieving and maintaining positive change seems to be a catalyst. More on that later.

Accidental Inspiration

In the last few months, I inadvertently inspired many people to begin deep cleaning and decluttering their houses as I talked about my own often painful process of transforming into an accidental minimalist on my personal FaceBook page. Lately, I am doing a similar cleansing process with my body and will talk about that as well.

But it’s the sharing itself that I have been somewhat stuck on. Now that I am far enough along in this process that I have deeply integrated the truth of ¬†further progress and maintenance actually happening, it’s time to pay it forward.

Flailing Again

I have lots I want to share and yet as I have done with each successful transformation of any sort, I have spent a lot of time stuck and flailing before taking action. I am beginning to think this is a part of my personal process. Maybe there is no wrong way to make forward progress so long as you eventually get unstuck and move forward while not losing ground with what you have accomplished so far.

Flailing is Actually Planning

I am learning to reframe and refine the process of successful transformation as I go through each arduous process of internal improvement. For my personal transformation, I researched and crossed my fingers but took no action steps (unless you count closing my eyes and wishing, really, really hard) for years. I’m not saying the accidental minimalist transformation has been any faster in the planning. In fact, I’ve taken some really good stabs at this for longer than many of you dear readers have been alive. That thought has given me pause often enough in my life and is a chief reason I have always given into quitting and ‘Why bother?‘ing my way out of accomplishing things my heart deeply desires.

But I now see that time spent sitting around, reading, observing, resting on my laurels, planning, day dreaming, imagining, going to the home improvement store and coming home empty handed and any number of other apparent time wasters all turned out to be necessary ingredients to a successful implementation.

Rather than feel guilty, I now understand that this is how stuff gets done! So much of my attitude about how I spent my time defined the productivity that followed.

Pausing to evaluate, appreciate, research and plan is not flailing!

Who knew? Knowing when to quit researching and accept good enough is part of the secret sauce for sure, though, so don’t fall prey to indecision or true stalling.

To recap what I’ve done so far,

  • I made a successful transformation from obese to the best shape of my life
  • I have maintained this for over 4 years
  • In doing so, I inspired many others including, most importantly, my husband and daughter.
  • And as of this summer, I have successfully created, for the first time in my nearly 5 decades, a clean and uncluttered living space

This summer, I transformed my house from a place where many doors needed to stay shut to a place where you are welcome to show up poke around with no notice, even in the closets, drawers and cabinets. It is not perfect, but I am no longer ashamed.

I have been surprised and touched by the response to this process (someone recently posted on my wall about “Going all Naomi on her closet!“) ¬†I am deeply motivated to share with a wider circle. And yet I found myself stuck on how, exactly, to make that happen. And that has caused me stress, which was exactly not the point of the whole exercise.

So this is me saying I am taking a baby step towards that goal. Part of what has prodded my behind into action was hanging out with and soaking up wisdom from none other than Elliott Hulse, a man whose work I have admired and followed for years. Elliott’s work resonates with me because he stresses the mind body connection and learning to correctly use your body, something I am constantly studying and nagging coaching others on.

Here is a photo of us together, just in case you don’t believe me. I might have dreamed it, but nope, true story!

Naomi and Elliott Hulse

Elliott is as easy to talk to as I thought. He’s an excellent listener and able to break things down to absolutely beginner level. He shared some tips and ideas that actually seem doable. To wit, I am going to do some videos.

There. I’ve written it down so it is going to happen. No more messy house as an excuse. No more bad hair as an excuse either. I will put on a hat if I have to so deal with it because really, that is a pretty poor excuse to not share something that people might actually want to see and benefit from seeing!

So what about the catalyst thing?

My catalyst for finally successfully transforming the house was my daughter getting an infection and needing a surgery. I could not help but notice, when we got home from our hospital stays (there were 2; it was tricky to cure), that any clutter, any at all, messed her up. Sure, she was moody and sick, but I wasn’t, and I was able to start to really appreciate the discord that clutter and dirt cause us all.

My catalyst for taking action now is knowledge and inspiration by association with greatness. The things Elliott Hulse has accomplished in a short time are mind-boggling. The wisdom he shared with me was not what I wanted to hear. And exactly what I needed to hear.

So hold me accountable. Expect videos from me.


Al and Elliott (Beast Mode)

Al and Elliott (Beast Mode)


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