Eating Clean for Weightloss

What is “Eating Clean”

I recently asked about this term my Naomi Rules FaceBook page and boy, did this open a can of not-clean-eating worms. Turning a way of eating into a lifestyle is not a balanced approach. Trust me, I spent most of my life trying to eat “perfectly”. Now I realize my goals are health and a strong, lean and sexy body.

The bottom line is there is no universal definition of “Eating Clean“.
But the other thing people need to realize is that Clean Eating is not a shortcut to weightloss.

Why Do You Eat Clean? What will happen if you “cheat”?

Some replies from my FaceBook fans:

  • I fall off the wagon. And one day turns into 3. Then a week….then a month. And pretty quick those jeans get too tight.
  • I don’t eat clean, but I would like to in theory. I guess I don’t because there are too many things I’m used to that I would have to give up. Many I can take or leave but others, not. (Hellooooo Ben & Jerry!) But the reason I would like to is that I’m angry that “they” (ha ha!) are sneaking soooo much non-food into our food supply and then trying to distract us with labels about how good for us it is. (Whole grain Froot Loops? Give me a break!)
  • I eat food that doesn’t hurt my body. Well, I try to. I suppose I’m ‘lucky’ in that most unhealthy foods I’m highly intolerant to, so I’m pretty much forced to eat clean. What happens when I overindulge in sugar? I instantly get a huge pregnancy belly!!
  •  In what context? If i ‘cheat’ (which in itself is a poor term as it has negative and guilty connotations) once every 6 months then nothing is going to happen. If i cheat, and we talking about eating high calorie low nutrient density foods really, at every meal I’m likely to consume too many calories and get fat! If i still follow a calorie controlled diet and make poor food choices then it’s likely to affect my progress long term. Both with mental and physical fitness. The reason we cheat is that food, especially sugar laden foods, activate parts of our brains that control reward centres, i.e. It makes us feel good. There is nothing wrong with this just understand that if we do it too often the food will control us and not vice versa.
See the guilt there? And the setup for failure?

Eating Clean

Why “Eat Dirty”

Eating Dirty” is a joke phrase I coined in response to everyone else’s claims of “Eating Clean”.
Some of my personal philosophy on “Eating Clean”:
  • I do feel it is all the more important to eat yummy, nutrionally dense foods when you find out you only get so many calories per day.
  • I personally used to take this to religion and it was very stressful.
  • I still “shop the outside of the supermarket” and use mostly organic fruits and veggies, very little from a box, and meats are ethically raised and usually locally purchased in a coop.
  • I no longer beat myself up when I stray from these guidelines. Having let go of this stress has been a huge health boost.

I’m a Recovering Orthorexic

I’ve been vegetarian, all organic, no red meat, raw vegan, Paleo, and a few others. And all the while feeling more and more guilty for not being able to get my family to do it perfectly, watching them slowly die. Ugh. We’re all slowly dying! It’s time to LIVE!

2 comments to Eating Clean for Weightloss

  • KAlex

    I follow Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet series. She changed my life!! I was able to recover from anorexia – she taught me that food was not the enemy. She is sooo inspirational! I love how she puts the lifestyle into such easy terms too! Thanks for the post.

  • Tracey

    I’m right there with you Naomi, and life is way better when you aren’t following someone else’s rules:)