Don’t Flatter Yourself

How To Pose

Learn How To Take a Flattering Photograph

Take Before Photos

I always coach my peeps to take before photos. So many people are unwilling to even consider doing taking an honest look at themselves. Believe me, I know it’s painful. I would not make you do this without reason.

First, it may be the first time you take an honest look at yourself from all angles. My husband was shocked most by his back photo and also by his “not posing” photos.

Like so many men, he had developed a habit of flexing and preening in the mirror and only allowing himself to “see” what he imagined. He could conjure up a vision of what once was or what might be, never really seeing the current “is”.

Taking those photos was hard evidence and helped him finally commit to taking the first steps towards his successful transformation.

Another reason to take those before photos is because you are going to want to share them. Stop laughing. You are. You are going to want to shout from the rooftops when you’re achieved your goals, you’ll be so proud of yourself. And rightly so! Helping others by inspiring them is how we pay it forward. We all need belief. So go take photos, transform, and share them!

Take Progress Photos

I say take “progress” photos as compared to take “after” photos because there is no “after”. That’s misleading.

Do you do the dishes and you’re done? Did you take out the trash or mow the lawn or brush your teeth or comb your hair or clip your toenails just once and ¬†you’re done? All this stuff in life may not be the Most Fun You Could Possibly Have but you still have to keep up with it all.

So take progress photos to keep apprised of where you are now and stay on track. I took progress photos this week and will be sharing them soon.

Flatter Yourself!

I was only kidding in the title. Do flatter  yourself!

Take the time to learn to take the best photo you can take! If at all possible, work with someone who knows how to take a flattering photo.

This blog pose was inspired by my daughter. She asked me to take her photo the other day and to coach her and then blog about something or other, featuring her photo.

So here she is. This particular photograph took about ten tries. One decent photo out of ten is excellent! The first photo, her hips were dead on to the camera. The next, she was standing evenly on both legs. The third, her weight was on the forwardleg. The next, her legs were both straight. The next, her hips were thrust forward.

See where this is going? I had her angle her hips away from the camera, angle the front toe out, bend the front knee, turn the shoulders towards the camera and lean ever so slightly forward at the waist to broaden them, smile and flex her abs. It is not obvious but this is a totally unnatural pose. Looks natural, right?

So is this cheating?

How could it possibly be cheating to learn to take a decent photograph?

Everyone can benefit from improving their presentation. Photographs last forever. Practice a little both in the mirror and behind the camera so you don’t have to hide every time someone wants to take your picture. A little effort will pay off and make you more relaxed and comfortable.

If you found this blog entry helpful, please share it with others!

And remember: You (yes you!) can transform and get the body of your dreams! Don’t let anyone feed you excuses.

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