Do you punish yourself? Enjoy the journey!

Have you ever been on a road trip? Not the usual grind of a drive, 4 hours to a regular family gathering, get ‘er done kind of thing, but rather to some place a lot further away. So far, in fact, that you realize there are going to be some opportunities not to be missed along the way?

Perhaps you are the type to research and plan and your route won’t be direct. It will include a slower, side route into the moutains. Perhaps a stretch of coastline. Or perhaps you are spontaneous. You see a sign for an overlook and it’s been hours being the wheel. Plus, you have to pee anyway. So you pull off to stretch your legs and are wowed by the view!

Times like this are part of living! Enjoy these moments, planned or unplanned.

And don’t get back on the highway and try to “make up” that time. Realize before you pull over or take the detour that you are about to delay your arrival time by however long you stop.

Then stop. And be present.

And then get right back on the road and keep moving towards your destination.

I’m not talking about driving here, in case you hadn’t realized. I’m talking about moving towards our body goals.

Did you perhaps get invited to lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in months yesterday? The food was so yummy, wasn’t it? As was seeing your old friend! Who, by the way, commented on how awesome you’re looking!

So that was yesterday. You were planning to be bikini ready in 6 weeks. Now it’s 6 1/2 weeks. In the greater scheme of things, this is not a setback. You cannot make up for it by speeding. Let it go. Keep moving forward!

2 comments to Do you punish yourself? Enjoy the journey!

  • JoNell

    Oh wow. Naomi, I needed this post. I am so happy that you set up the lesson in the scheme of a road trip. I totally get what I’ve been doing as trying to “make up” time by speeding on the highway after stopping for a short detour. Gosh. Thank you so much.