Darned Wheat!

A year ago, I gave up wheat for an extended period. The short story is I was suffering crazy gut issues and as part of my healing, gave up wheat, yeast, sugar in all forms and fruit juice – a simplified Leaky Gut Syndrome diet put together by my chiropractor. There were other parts to the treatment but I think time to heal was the biggest factor.

I have since reintroduced wheat and had issues but not like before. At first, it made my lips and tongue itchy. That was weird but mainly only bothersome when I was trying to sleep.

Since then, I’ve kept wheat to a minimum so I can see monitor how it affects me. I know it messes up my joints. Mostly, it’s my left knee. Yesterday, I blogged about having quit my habit of bending from the knees. I was doing mini squats all day to help with glute development but the knee issue stopped that. Also, I felt foolish!

Learning about the Alexander Technique, I now know not using joints doesn’t heal them. I took some glucosamine/chondroitin and MSM for good measure and now am struggling through moving correctly again even if it hurts. I know at the gym, if I warm up a bit, I can do the movements even heavily weighted. I’m done for if someone starts a conversation and I lose my heat. (I wear big “don’t talk to me” headphones which helps with that!)

Yesterday, I made a loaf of bread with store bought sprouted wheat bread. This recipe is so yummy but somehow we can’t manage to do anything but eat the whole loaf. I never have been a big bread eater so this is crazy!

I’ll be experimenting with other grains to see if I can find a recipe that doesn’t hurt me like this. I do fine with Sam’s millet flax bread, for example. I’ve actually got a hand crank flour grinder I’m looking forward to playing with. They say that flour goes rancid so I wonder if that is part of the problem with the wheat I bought. It was marked down to $1.99 from $8.99 or I never would have bought it but perhaps it’s kinda toxic and spoiled? That’s what I’ve read, anyway; flour is actually meant to be used up rather quickly. So I’ll try buying the wheat berries and similar and grinding it myself. Anything to not find the floor impossible to get to! Or the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Oh heck, even the sink when I’m brushing my teeth!

What about you? Do you find any foods negatively affect you? Have you tried an extended elimination diet or other healing regime?

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  • Thanks, Joe!!! That’s what my chiro was doing for me but I ran out of funds for now! :) I’ll check out the site you mention. Appreciate it! Hope all is well with you.