My Transformation Secret

For those of you who were not aware, I am a lifelong owner of everything by John Barban and Brad Pilon that is included with Venus Immersion.

Right now, they are offering a short trial that includes access to absolutely everything, including the incredible podcasts that have taught me not only how to get to […]

How Much Weight Do You Need to Lose?

August 2008: Rock Bottom

Unscientific Testing

Most people I ask think they are about 10-20 pounds overweight. I have to admit, I thought the same thing when I started my transformation.

But I wound up losing closer to 40 pounds to finally get the look I’d never quite managed.

Al says I shouldn’t tell […]

Kiya's Transformation Story: Guts and other tender bits...

Reprinted by permission.

Guts and Other Tender Bits

by Kiya Black

Something that came to me today, as I was out and about, enjoying the gorgeous weather, being social, having fun.

For years – years – I didn’t actually feel like my body was fully MINE. It was parceled out. A bit to the […]

It’s Beach Time!

Hey everyone, the water’s fine! C’mon in!

Or, if you’re like me, dip your toes, boogie board for about 20 minutes, but mostly hang under the umbrella enjoying the ocean breeze, watching the kids, and snoozing catching up on reading.

Wait what?

It’s not beach season yet?

Yeah, okay, even here in balmy North Florida, […]

Venus Index Phase 3 Review: Check Your Ego at the Door! (Part 1)

Venus Index Phase 3 is a Weird Program!

I’ve reviewed many programs and it’s generally a pretty straightforward procedure. Venus Index Phase 3 is, from the very first, in no way straightforward. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that the general concensus is it’s a pretty weird program.

Good weird or bad […]

You Don't Have to Kill Yourself to Get a Body to Die For!

Venus Index Calendar Model April

From Frail to 70 Pushups and Hot!

April, now a mom to two, first got fit and strong when she joined the army.

She worked hard, didn’t over eat, and was able to do incredible things like 70 pushups!

Of course there is no magical formula that allows you […]

Venus Index Guest Blogger Naomi

I’ve got some very exciting news!

I’m now a guest blogger on Venus Index! You can read my first article here and I hope you’ll also read my full bio here. Let me know what you think and what you’d like to hear more about!

Squeeeee! My first Venus Index blog entry!


My Venus Index Open Level II Contest Interview

One of the best parts of winning an Venus Index Contest is the honor of getting interviewed by John Barban. Listen to my latest interview here.

In the interview, I talk about what it’s like to spend an entire year keeping focus and working towards my goals.


Hanging with John Barban and Allen Elliott

I have kind of been keeping it on the low down but I recently got the opportunity to meet up with John Barban and Allen Elliott in Atlanta. John is the creator of the workout programs my husband and I use and love. Allen, like me and Al is a contest winner and true lover […]

Venus Index 1st Place Transformation Winner Lost 60 pounds after 2nd Baby!

Another Venus Index transformation contest, another round of inspiring winners. People, what are you waiting for? Venus Index is half price until Friday. Don’t overthink this! Get going now and you’ll be ready by summer. Check out my buddy Shannon, who just had her second baby and was 60 pounds up not that long ago! […]