No Rebound Diet – AKA Naomi’s Gonna Wear a Dress

Ruh ro. The dress doesn’t flatter.

Naomi’s gotta do a quick diet.

An event has come up and Naomi’s gotta see what can happen, realistically, by the end of the month. Naomi doesn’t wanna be seen wearing a dress with her belly pooching out.

(Okay, what’s up with the 3rd person? Maybe I don’t really […]

Lose Weight and Increase Your Metabolism

Everywhere you go, fitness gurus promise you that you can lose weight and increase your metabolism. If anything else happens, your metabolism is declared “broken”.

What is Metabolism?

Before going any further, do you stop to think what that means? For our purposes, metabolism means how many calories you burn a day, or, put another […]

Restricted Eating Leads to Binging

This post is not designed to offend anyone. I apologize in advance if it does.

So many of my friends seem to be dieting or attempting to hang on to their improvements with a set of difficult eating rules. Or they slim down and then backslide, then conclude that diets don’t work.

I do a […]

Eating Dirty

(To the tune of “Riding Dirty” by Chamillionaire)

Eating Clean is the “Only” Way

Gah! If I hear one more so-called expert perpetuate this “eating clean” myth, I’ll….I’ll…..I’ll eat them! Yeah! Once they’ve showered, of course.

Well, okay, maybe not such a good plan. And not only because I don’t think experts full of myths […]

How Much Protein and When to Eat Protein

Does protein help with muscle growth?

Absolutely it does and the research bears this out.

But do to time your protein intake? Specifically, do you need a post-workout protein shake (or a pre-workout or during workout supplement of any sort)?

I just read about a recent study over on Brad Pilon’s blog ( where they […]

Scratching the Eggnog Itch

Pumpkin Lovers: Knock Yourselves Out!

Every fall, all the pumpkin flavored stuff comes out.

If you want squash in your latte folks, knock yourselves out. I’ll leave the gourd flavoring out of my food, thank you very much.

Eggnog: This is where I live!

Me? I’m holding out for eggnog season.

Eggnog lattes! Eggnog ice […]

Don’t Flatter Yourself

Learn How To Take a Flattering Photograph

Take Before Photos

I always coach my peeps to take before photos. So many people are unwilling to even consider doing taking an honest look at themselves. Believe me, I know it’s painful. I would not make you do this without reason.

First, it may be the […]

Starting a Dialog with Overweight Kids

Let’s assume it is okay to love our children enough to want to help them to leaning down, assuming there is a need.

Let’s assume we love and support our children no matter what their size.

Let’s assume we want the best for them for their whole life. This includes optimal health, both physical and […]

You Don't Have to Kill Yourself to Get a Body to Die For!

Venus Index Calendar Model April

From Frail to 70 Pushups and Hot!

April, now a mom to two, first got fit and strong when she joined the army.

She worked hard, didn’t over eat, and was able to do incredible things like 70 pushups!

Of course there is no magical formula that allows you […]

How to Transform and Succeed at Maintenance

Gripped with fear

Before I began my personal transformation, I found myself frozen with fear at the prospect of doing something that was so obvious to everyone around me and then failing by gaining back all the weight. Once I finally figured out how to make the transformation, I still didn’t feel fully confident that […]