Venus Index Phase 3 Review: Check Your Ego at the Door! (Part 1)

Venus Index Phase 3 is a Weird Program!

I’ve reviewed many programs and it’s generally a pretty straightforward procedure. Venus Index Phase 3 is, from the very first, in no way straightforward. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that the general concensus is it’s a pretty weird program.

Good weird or bad […]

Protected: Secrets to Success: Review of Eat Stop Eat

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Orthorexia is a hassle

World’s Pickiest Eater

Here’s a brief (well, for me) history of my eating. As a child, I was the self-proclaimed “World’s Pickiest Eater”. So many flavors and odors offended me. Parents, I was your worst nightmare. My children have been tricky to deal with but nothing compared to how I was! If it didn’t have […]

Venus Index Circuits Review - or How to Win The Venus Index Open Contest

Get the Venus Index Circuits, the program I used to win the Venus Index contest!

I’ve already shared how Venus Index is the workout program that makes my heart go pitter-patter and whittled my waist to an actual feminine size once again. Before I came across this program, I was using Turbulence Training.

This is […]

Cluster Cycles RULE!

I recently mentioned that we’re doing Adonis Index Cluster Cycles. This program is designed to help you increase how much you can lift in certain major lifts. Two weeks into the program, we’ve already witnessed incredible results!

Naomi and Al cranking out squats in Cluster Cycles workout

Week 1: Bench Press

In the first […]

Adonis Index Review

What’s this now? A girl reviewing a boy’s program?

Stay with me now. I really truly am doing the Adonis Index program and no, I am in no danger of looking like a boy. Learn more about the experience of using the Adonis Index programs from a guy, my husband, who used it to win […]

Venus Index Phase II Review

Venus Index History

For a quick recap, I’ve done the Venus Index Circuits and Venus Index Specializations (Boosters). This is what I used to win the Venus Index Open.

Then I did the original Venus Index program. I know that seems kinda backwards, but I came off another program that used circuits so when I […]

Venus Index Review: Love at First Sight Soulmate of Programs

Where to begin? Reviewing the Venus Index program is like a newlywed reviewing her beloved partner. No, more than that. Maybe more like a new mom reviewing her baby. There just aren’t words that are glowing enough so excuse me while I try to convey how I feel.

Oh, and to put this in perspective, […]