Xylitol Salted Caramel Mocha

Thanks to Statbucks free birthday drinks, I have discovered the joys of salted caramel with espresso and mocha. The craving does not just go away so I decided to come up with my own sugar free version.

I consider recipes suggestions so I started here.

Here is what I did.

Ingredients (more or […]

Elliott Hulse


Everyone needs to be inspired.

Sometimes, I find I first need to become aware of an area in which I can improve and get a fresh perspective that resonates with what I can bring to the table; my strengths and interests and sense of fun must be satisfied.

You can tell me your great […]

Setbacks are the Norm, not the Exception

My Daughter Recovering from Surgery

No excuses people. None. I simply will not allow you to get away with that crap anymore!

Too Poor to Afford Good Food

When we were flat broke, our excuse for getting fat was that we could only afford pasta so we had to get fat? Oh yeah? Well […]

There is Never a Perfect Time to Transform

Short and sweet post.

I sat around waiting for the stars to align so I could begin my transformation.

During this time, I accomplished nothing.

Well, not nothing. I stressed a lot and felt angst and misery quite deeply.

There will never be a perfect time to transform

So start transforming now.

I strongly suggest […]

MetaZone System

I have been practicing the MetaZone System program for the last few months as I simultaneously worked to recover former strength levels. I was surprised to get back to my former personal best on squats while not experiencing significant muscle soreness nor injury. I am keen to continue to make strength gains in all areas […]

Bulking Experiment

Naomi used a DEXA or DXA scan to measure her results. DXA scans are used primarily to evaluate bone mineral density.

Last time I shared that I had some health setbacks; I started 2012 in the best shape of my life and ended it in much worse shape. In December I had a DEXA […]

Transformation Seminar

I Tried Everything

You know how some people tell you they tried everything but if you drill down, you find out they maybe read about everything or talked about things an awful lot, but didn’t do a whole lot of getting up off their asses?

Well, when I say I tried everything, I mean I […]

Get Up And Get Off Your Ass!

Buncha Nutjobs Waking Up and Hittin’ the Gym I used to think morning exercisers had a screw loose. I went to the gym after work pretty much every night in my 20s. Then I got married and had me some kids and made a number of gym comebacks but nothing that stuck for all that […]

Eating Clean for Weightloss

What is “Eating Clean”

I recently asked about this term my Naomi Rules FaceBook page and boy, did this open a can of not-clean-eating worms. Turning a way of eating into a lifestyle is not a balanced approach. Trust me, I spent most of my life trying to eat “perfectly”. Now I realize my goals […]

No More Pancake Butt

Check out my “after” and “more after” photos.

Pancake Butt vs Better Butt


The first is a few months after my initial transformation. Not bad, right? But note the pancake butt.

The second photo is shortly after I added in some additional glute work. This photo is about 2 months into this work […]