It Hurts to Get Older

Growing Older Just Hurts

We all know it. We accept it. I put my back out for the first time at around 30. All my coworkers said, “Yup, that’s when it starts to happen.” Sure enough, it happened again. And again. I’m sure my chiropractor was grateful for the business. What was next? Was it […]

Nipping it in the bud

Mono? I’m too old to get Mono!

In April, we had some fires burning out of control after a particularly dry winter. My throat hurt. A lot. Then I got Sleeping Disease. I found myself taking my kids to whatever activity they had and sleeping in the car until they were done. Normally, I’d run […]

Designer Jeans (again)

Today’s photo shoot is BKE boot cut jeans. Love these! See the photos here on my new pinterest account.

The hat is a handmade baby hat that was for my younger daughter but alas, my girls wouldn’t ever wear hats no matter how cold it was. Believe it or not, I was freezing doing […]

Just for fun: Jeans!

Just for fun, today I’m going to talk about something that’s on my mind almost as much as delicious food, and that topic is jeans!

For anyone who wishes to have a peek, I recently got an invite to pinterest (shout out to Kelly! Thank you!) so I’ve started a board called Jeans: The whole […]