Eating Clean for Weightloss

What is “Eating Clean”

I recently asked about this term my Naomi Rules FaceBook page and boy, did this open a can of not-clean-eating worms. Turning a way of eating into a lifestyle is not a balanced approach. Trust me, I spent most of my life trying to eat “perfectly”. Now I realize my goals […]

How Much Protein and When to Eat Protein

Does protein help with muscle growth?

Absolutely it does and the research bears this out.

But do to time your protein intake? Specifically, do you need a post-workout protein shake (or a pre-workout or during workout supplement of any sort)?

I just read about a recent study over on Brad Pilon’s blog ( where they […]

My New Worst Is Better Than My Old Best

Me, Last Week, After the Evil Vile Virile Virus

47 Years Old and Ripped!

Earlier this year, I won my fourth and perhaps final online fitness/transformation contest. I’m really proud of the look I achieved. You can see photos here. At the end of this contest, I was not only ripped, but strong! I […]

Bodyweight Workouts

I know I’m all about the weights. But I also know that’s not for everyone. I’m willing to admit that you can get into your most awesomest shape evah without every touching a weight. There’s a very hot Capoeira instructor in town who is a perfect demonstration of that fact.

So if you’re looking for […]

Darned Wheat!

A year ago, I gave up wheat for an extended period. The short story is I was suffering crazy gut issues and as part of my healing, gave up wheat, yeast, sugar in all forms and fruit juice – a simplified Leaky Gut Syndrome diet put together by my chiropractor. There were other parts to […]

Transformation Is a Family Affair! Part 2

I’m so nervous and excited! Today, the conclusion of my Venus Index guest blog has posted.

So why am I nervous? The topics I’m covering are very charged. People feel very free to voice their opinion about what’s best for our children and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Like religion, politics and money, […]

Transformation is a Family Affair!

You Become Those with Whom You Associate

Just as you are the sum of the people closest to you, you and your family members influence one another both now and in the future.

Today, I’ll talk about how our children are affected by how moms treat and view their own bodies as well as how […]

Venus Index Guest Blogger Naomi

I’ve got some very exciting news!

I’m now a guest blogger on Venus Index! You can read my first article here and I hope you’ll also read my full bio here. Let me know what you think and what you’d like to hear more about!

Squeeeee! My first Venus Index blog entry!


Men used to take their shirts off

Guys with Shirts off

Show me some skin, dude!

When I was growing up, men constantly had their shirts off. Can I get a woo hoo? Anyone? <crickets chirp> Perhaps no one recalls those days. It wasn’t a vanity thing. It’s just that when it was hot, off came the shirts.

Mowing the lawn, […]

How to Successfully Diet: Diets DO work!

Everyone swears that:

they have Tried Everything they are Broken and that Diets Don’t Work

Oh and also all the programs out there will tell you that It’s Not Your Fault!

If that were all true, why even try in the first place?

But then how do you explain people like me who were fat, […]