Glute Camp: Boot Camp for Moms

Glute Camp

I am busy developing a workout program for moms (and their teens ages 13 and up) that they can do while their babies are with them, even if they are babywearing*.

There are experts and organizations who promote similar models but what is different about my program is the kids needs are […]

Setbacks are the Norm, not the Exception

My Daughter Recovering from Surgery

No excuses people. None. I simply will not allow you to get away with that crap anymore!

Too Poor to Afford Good Food

When we were flat broke, our excuse for getting fat was that we could only afford pasta so we had to get fat? Oh yeah? Well […]

Don’t Flatter Yourself

Learn How To Take a Flattering Photograph

Take Before Photos

I always coach my peeps to take before photos. So many people are unwilling to even consider doing taking an honest look at themselves. Believe me, I know it’s painful. I would not make you do this without reason.

First, it may be the […]

Starting a Dialog with Overweight Kids

Let’s assume it is okay to love our children enough to want to help them to leaning down, assuming there is a need.

Let’s assume we love and support our children no matter what their size.

Let’s assume we want the best for them for their whole life. This includes optimal health, both physical and […]

Strong is the New Sexy

Strong is the new Sexy Tank Top (from

You’ve seen the t-shirts by now.

Strong is the New Sexy

The idea was that we should not turn into skinny heroin chic super models. We should not be afraid to lift weights and get strong!

And indeed, I fully agree! Nothing makes a body, […]

Transformation Is a Family Affair! Part 2

I’m so nervous and excited! Today, the conclusion of my Venus Index guest blog has posted.

So why am I nervous? The topics I’m covering are very charged. People feel very free to voice their opinion about what’s best for our children and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Like religion, politics and money, […]

Transformation is a Family Affair!

You Become Those with Whom You Associate

Just as you are the sum of the people closest to you, you and your family members influence one another both now and in the future.

Today, I’ll talk about how our children are affected by how moms treat and view their own bodies as well as how […]