Colon Health Equals Health

Everybody Poops

(Didn’t REM do a song about this? No? Well anyway…)

We all know everybody is pooping all the time but no one wants to talk about it. But that can lead to our own demise. So get over it.

Poor colon health is an indication of poor health.

Healthy Poop

Do you know […]

How to Sit, Stand, Walk, Bend, Sleep

It’s a pretty bold claim to say that this book teaches how to sit, stand, walk, bend and sleep/lie down.

I don’t make bold claims lightly.

I’m tired of back pain.

I’ve been ready to get this figured out, once and for all.

When I read about the Alexander Technique, I was thrilled because I […]

No More Pancake Butt

Check out my “after” and “more after” photos.

Pancake Butt vs Better Butt


The first is a few months after my initial transformation. Not bad, right? But note the pancake butt.

The second photo is shortly after I added in some additional glute work. This photo is about 2 months into this work […]

The Tribe Without Knees

My Bad Posture: I am bending the spine where there are no hinge joints and head too far forward. Knees not bent at all. Shoulders slumped.

Alexander Technique

I’ve recently read my first book on the Alexander Technique called Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: How the Power of the Alexander Technique Can Combat […]

What Are You Reading?

Diets Don’t Work It’s funny how people conclude that diets don’t work. They follow a diet and lose weight. Then the “finish” and gain the weight right back.


Proved it.

Diets don’t work!

You know what else doesn’t work?

Washing dishes.

Brushing your teeth.

Clipping your toenails.


Why can’t all this crap just […]