Bounced Up, Floating Down

After our vacation about a month ago, I took a complete break from logging calories. I must admit, it was a lot of fun. It felt very freeing to just eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I did try, mostly, to listen to my body and not go completely nuts nor make myself ill.

But still, I put on some weight. I was actually a little curious to see what the breaking point would turn out to be. For me that means still fitting into all my size 4 jeans comfortably but my waist number moving. I monitored the scale weight, the hips and the waist. The day the waist number went up, I knew fun time was over. I’d gained about 8 pounds from my lowest and 5 pounds from where I’ve been mostly hanging out.

So now I’m in a bit of a cut down. I learned from my last little cut that I really don’t like going full out for more than a week at a time. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This week, I am back to logging to make sure I eat up to maintenance calories and I’m throwing in a few low calorie days.

That’s it!

I dropped 2 pounds with a day or two and look and feel much better. Yeah, the eating was fun, but how amazing it is to be just a few pounds away from where I am happier the rest of the day: the not eating parts of the day, that is, so, most of the time!

I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get back down but certainly within a month, all should be well. And then I intend to hang out at that weight for a bit.

This is all part of the process of maintenance. It’s not a stagnant thing. Weight fluctuates, body fat levels fluctuate, and the trick is to monitor it and take action before it’s too late. For me, it was time because it was bugging me, but it was not something most other people would even notice.

I expect to repeat this process many times going forward. This bouncing up, floating down: That’s Maintenance! That’s life!

2 comments to Bounced Up, Floating Down

  • Horacio

    Yes, you are right on. I have been doing P90X for a while now, but I realized it is´╗┐ all about tinryg to sell you more stuff. The bars, the recovery drink, etc. And I like hard work, just if I can get the same result with less effort, why not? I found a great source of free info here too, a natural bodybuilder that sells NOTHING so he is pretty unbiased, and he is pretty funny: scooby61 He tells it like it is. Diet is 90% of the equation to get ripped. Period. Scientific n 2 the point

  • Steph, a pound is nothing! LOL! And yeah, getting it off can take 4 weeks of almost no effort. Well….I say that, but learning to live at maintenance is not exactly “no effort”.