Bodyweight Workouts

I know I’m all about the weights. But I also know that’s not for everyone. I’m willing to admit that you can get into your most awesomest shape evah without every touching a weight. There’s a very hot Capoeira instructor in town who is a perfect demonstration of that fact.

So if you’re looking for a bodyweight workout that will actually challenge you or for a superĀ short workout, look no further! Adam Steer’s bodyweight workouts are now on sale for half price!

And remember, everyone should have workouts like this in their bag of tricks because, well, you just never know when you’re going to need a real workout and you don’t have access to a full gym.


1 comment to Bodyweight Workouts

  • Roshan I don’t plan on doing these workouts at all. I love lifting weights and using the gym so I’m all set. I do cardio at times but the workouts I do offer plenty of cardiovascular fitness so it’s not necessary. I add in extra cardio to cut. You can not put on that amount of LBM unless you are a young untrained male and then pretty much just once. After that it dwindles to zero and you maintain. You don’t gain forever unless you are on steroids. Cardio is not necessary for fat loss but it can help, especially for the last few pounds. All you need is a caloric deficit. And no macros. There is no need to eat in that restricted way for health or weight loss. It’s just crazy making and unsustainable for most of us. Eat dinner whenever you want. There is no magic meal timing. I get my information from scientific research. Not from random websites by trainers hoping to sell a dream.