Colon Health Equals Health

Everybody Poops

(Didn’t REM do a song about this? No? Well anyway…)

We all know everybody is pooping all the time but no one wants to talk about it. But that can lead to our own demise. So get over it.

Poor colon health is an indication of poor health.

Healthy Poop

Do you know about the Bristol Stool Chart? Go on. Have a look. It’s super important. In fact, gather your family around. I know I’m going to.

Bristol stool chart

According to this lovely chart, if you are in the 3-4 range, that’s considered good. Anything else, bad. Personally, I think only 4 looks right and experts have different opinions on this just as there is wild variation in how often you should have a bowel movement.

Normal Does Not Mean Healthy

Mainstream medicine will tell you that having a bowel movement just once or twice a week is normal. Well remember what normal means in this context. It basically means “average for your age, gender and region”. It does not mean ideal. It does not mean healthy. (Keep that in mind when you get any sort of testing done, by the way. I recently had bloodwork come back “normal”. I live in Florida and I’m 49 years old as I write this. Being average for this population doesn’t scream health in any way! I’m going to need to track down my numbers and decide for myself whether I need to take any corrective action. )

So normal doesn’t mean you’re out of the water. Very likely, you’re all backed up anyway and just don’t know it. We are all used to such a crappy level of gut health, we have come to accept as normal what just isn’t.

Diarrhea Most Likely Means You’re Constipated

Say what? Makes no sense, right? Except it does. When the walls are thick with hardened ick, there is only a thin tube through which feces can pass. So just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it’s all clean as a whistle down there. And anyway, if you’re experiencing diarrhea, you do know something is off, right?

You Wallpapered Your Colon

Think of it like an old house with many layers of wallpaper. No one wants to strip the walls so each new owner just papers over the previous layer.

I bought  The Colon Health Handbook: New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation over a decade ago and haven’t found any better information on colon health. At that time, I could not find all the ingredients to do the colon cleansing program so I cobbled together a program as best I could and was shocked to watch the results unfold exactly as the author described.

In this wonderful little gem of a pamphlet, the author outlines what you can expect to happen as you begin to strip away the layers that have built up on the colon walls. Think of yourself as the homeowner who has finally decided that wallpaper is out! It is time to scrape it away and get down to the bare walls.

Much more can be learned about colon health from Rebuild Your Health: With High Energy Enzyme Nourishment by Ann Wigmore. My mom gave me this book after a very healing stay at the center. There are simple steps you can take to begin to restore and heal your colon and I intend to start now.


I have been going it alone on a cleanse but am looking forward to receiving the colon cleansing program.


These two amazing resources outline how to cleanse toxins gently but effectively while rebuilding gut health.

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