Another Venus/Adonis Winner!

I am so proud of Brooke for winning the latest Venus Index Transformation contest. Surf on over to see her beautiful, inspiring photos and learn more about the process. Brooke has been with Naomi Rules throughout her transformation journey.

Brooke Kramer Venus inde Transformation Contest Winner

Brooke talks about how she watched my transformation unfold before her eyes. We work out at the same gym and over the years, I’ve noticed it’s a very rare and inspiring thing to see someone transform in real life so I’m not surprised people have noticed.

The funniest thing in her podcast is a bit of help she got from a fellow Naomi Rules member who pointed out that just because you’ve had a cookie, you don’t have to consider your day shot; if you ran a red light, would you continue breaking laws for the rest of the day? I love that!

Don’t put your life on hold for kids!

Brooke confided in me when she was considering joining up with Naomi Rules that she was trying to conceive and shared concerns that the two goals would be at odds. I assured her that it was far better to enter into a pregnancy in the best physical condition possible and that if she was already doing Venus Index workouts, she would be able to continue using them throughout her pregnancy (except for the periods that arise for so many women, myself included, when it’s about all the body can handle to get up, get the toddler attended to, maybe get hair and teeth brushed but perhaps not!)

Since winning, Brooke has indeed conceived! Yay and congratulations to her. She continues to use the program to stay on track, knowing that pregnancy is absolutely not an excuse to go crazy with eating and knowing that afterward, it will be that much easier for her to return to her pre-pregnancy size.

A program is only worth it’s weight in maintenance

Brooke hired a trainer three years ago after her first baby was born who put her through what sounds like hell. I’m currently preparing for a contest and I would never consider undergoing this Regime of Torture. The program was 1000 calories a day, very specific in their breakdown so as to ensure maximum misery, plus an hour of lifting weights and an hour of cardio. Needless to say she got results. And also, needless to say, she quit that crap the day it was done and knows she’ll never follow anything so ridiculous again. What good are temporary results after torture if you rebound the day it’s over? The goal is to find a sustainable lifestyle.

Again a huge congratulations to Brooke! I’m so proud of you!!!

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