Adonis Index Review

What’s this now? A girl reviewing a boy’s program?

Stay with me now. I really truly am doing the Adonis Index program and no, I am in no danger of looking like a boy. Learn more about the experience of using the Adonis Index programs from a guy, my husband, who used it to win the Adonis Index Transformation Contest! Click on that link right away because the program is on sale for 50% off this week!

I started doing the Adonis Index workouts around May, right after I won the Venus Index Open. I have in no way completed all the workouts because there are over a years worth of them! I guess you could say I dabble. I am a Venus through and through, but at times, I like to do a second workout in a day and it’s been great fun dabbling. Also, while I love the meditative aspect of working out alone, when I work out with my husband, we generally wind up doing his workout. Working out together is a whole different experience. Not only is it great to have fun company, it also allows you to reach more personal bests both because you have a spotter and also because you have someone to push you. Well, usually you have a spotter. Some of the workouts make it very hard to spot each other. More on that later.


We started the Muscle Building Foundations but John suggested we move right into the main program since we’ve both got a lot of lifting experience. The few weeks of MBF that we did do were very rewarding. It’s 5 times a week, so quite a solid commitment. There really is no better way for a newbie to get a solid foundation in lifting weights.

AI 3.0

Skipping the rest of MBF, we moved right into the Adonis Index 3.0 program. This felt like a vacation as it’s “only” four days a week. Like all of John Barban’s workouts, AI does not get boring. You work out one way long enough to get good at it and then just when the mind thinks maybe it’s gonna be a drag, boom! it’s time for something new! Without giving it all away, it’s a 2 four week cycles and then 2 weeks of hell. Oh my bad, I mean RAGE! RAGE is something you love to hate. Each week is different but all leave you gasping on the floor. It’s not the kind of thing you’d really want to do more than a week or two at a time. We have yet to make it all the way through the RAGE workouts.


After AI, we moved on to ATS and I really enjoyed these. As with the AI program, rep ranges change regularly, exercises move around and each week you get a full body workout (in Adonis, you get a full body workout over a week while with Venus, each workout stands alone as a full body workout). I found ATS to be the most meditative of the workouts so far. This is the first time I’ve seen what’s called a flow set. It’s slightly higher (but not high) reps and keeping a steady, even pace. This gets mixed around with other styles of lifting. Power is my favorite. Low reps, high weight, definitely with a spotter. And 1-pause-2 requires great mental focus and getting present. You pause at the top and return the weight for 2 seconds so all the counting is a form of moving meditation but the fact that you’re holding weights means you stay very alert and present.

Cluster Cycles

We have just embarked on a wild ride called Cluster Cycles. Both of us would like more muscle mass and this program promises “Anabolic Again” results. What that means, in a nutshell, is you get huge bang for your buck if you happen to be around 18, male, and using a decent weight lifting regime, but then it just never happens for you again. I’m 47 years old, female, and have not seen the kind of growth I did in my early years recently but hey, a miracle would be lovely. I’m especially hoping for some size on glutes, back and deltoids. I could do the Venus or Adonis specializations but I will give this workout a shot first and move on to the specializations if I don’t see the results I’m looking for.

We did the first week and whoa! As promised, I increased my bench press estimated one rep max by around 7 pounds! This week, we’ll be increasing our squat estimated one rep max. We did the first workout towards that end last night and let’s just say our glutes are suffering! In a good way!

By the way, I got all the Adonis workouts and a number of other bonuses by getting the Immersion package. This was a huge and unexpected treat and I highly recommend it! There is so much good stuff in there including access to the forum, uncensored podcasts, Adonis U, all workouts forever, and all sorts of stuff, some of which we have yet to discover!


Just because I’m female, I’m pretty certain the workout police won’t come get me if I do a workout program designed for males. Right now, it’s totally in keeping with my goals and it’s so challenging, I won’t be adding in any extra work, no, not even cardio, for a bit. Ain’t no Cardio Queen! I’m “just” lifting for a little over 4 hours a week. Healing the rest of the time, seeing results every Thursday. Good stuff!

5 comments to Adonis Index Review

  • Dónal

    Exactly what equipment will I need for the muscle buildind foundation workouts and the main adonis index workouts?

    • For starters, you can use dumbbells and a bench will help, if you choose to work out from home. Over time, you would want to eventually invest in a standard barbell and weights or more dumbbells. Some people use adjustable dumbbells to save money. I don’t have the personality to work out at home so I just join a gym and use their equipment. Good luck, Donal!

  • I am believer now LOL…this (cluster program)finally should also get my lower half into some decent shape. Who knew all those years, aiming for “heavy weight” and bad form would lead to a dead end.

    Thx Coach..for once again showing the path :)