When I was still not able to believe it was possible to get the body I really wanted, I looked closely at the photos of the people I was following. Some regularly posted current photos and I felt like they were the real deal, or in some cases, I wondered if they were on steroids. Others put up the same photo over and over or only put up pictures where they were well hidden in clothing. When I met some of these people in person, I noticed a few did not look great. Even clothing on, you can pretty much tell. Most of them were proud of their amazing bodies, even the men, and it showed right through no matter what they wore.

In a spirit of full disclosure, accountability, motivation, belief generation, integrity, or whatever else I’m not thinking of, I intend to put up photos regularly.

So let’s get on to today’s photo.

Yesterday, I overate. It happens. My family was all pigging out on movie snacks and I didn’t want that so I smuggled in 2 Lara Bars and a box of pumpkin seeds. I admit it was not an insane pig out, but still, it was all food I ate just to keep myself distracted from the yumminess of what they were having.

This morning, I woke up bloated. And 4 pounds up. No, I am not freaking out about the weight at all. I happen to know that I ate an extra 900 calories and no matter how you butcher the math, you can’t gain 4 pounds of fat from 900 calories so clearly it’s to do with carbs and sodium and water retention. I’m not gonna get all technical on you but suffice it to say that this extra weight will be with me for about 3 days and it’s no big deal. I’ll drink some extra water to help flush it out and move on.

So anyway, this seemed a great time to take a progress photo! Here are two photos. The one on the left, I, um, well I combed my hair. That’s about it. The one on the right, I did my best and it’s part of a first place contest winning photo shoot so I’m thinking my best was good enough.

Every Day Look Vs Photo Prep

Here are the differences, in no particular order:

  1. Better lighting in contest photo
  2. Hair done, makeup done, shoes on, teeth whitened, bathing suit adjusted properly in contest photo
  3. Legs leaner now – I have actually lost another pound since then even though I’m heavier in the current photo
  4. Belly not so different as I’d imagined. Huh.

All in all, you can never be sure all the prep is worth it. I certainly think it can’t hurt but it’s not stuff I’d go out of my way to do either as it’s just not worth it to me. I’ll post a regular, ordinary photo now and then, perhaps even with a newspaper if I remember, just to, as my husband would say, keep it real.

6 comments to Accountability

  • Idalee

    Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  • Alexander

    So glad I read this.

  • Tracey

    Well, I think you’re doing amazing!!

  • Tracey

    You look fantastic now….couldn’t really tell much of a difference. Is maintaining challenging for you??

    • Tracey, I can’t see much of a difference either and remember this was a bad day so I guess my next photos will look a bit better. Differences are quite subtle at this stage of the game. And yes, I find maintenance challenging. First of all, I keep forgetting I can’t eat as much as I used to. What used to be a belly ache for the evening is now bloat and pain for at least the whole next day. So it becomes not so fun to overeat. I do it less and less often but still succumb to the allure at times.