About me

I lived my life before kids “fine”, had kids, got fat, and really struggled to find my way to health, in all senses of the word.

Then I used some science based online diet and exercise programs to get into the best shape of my life, and won 3 contests along the way.

Inspired by my transformation, my husband also transformed, with me coaching and supporting him, and he also won 2 online contests!

We went from living on pizza, pasta and ice cream and watching TV to being active, strong, fit and healthy.

After learning to maintain, I went on to tackle deep personal transformation which led to the realization that my gut was a hot mess. So three arduous years of healing gut dysbiosis along with deep, vulnerable, experiential personal growth work. I learned that many people don’t feel crippled by physical pain 24/7! Who knew?

Improving gut health and learning to go deep on Trauma got rid of most of the pain, and led to the realization that I still had lots to learn about using my body correctly. So a very deep dive into posture, mobility, and learning to use the body better and engage the correct muscles.

It’s a process. All of it.

I’d like to help you  to do the same.

What are you still doing here? Join us!