Washing the Dishes

Dieting is Housework

I had this idea when I was first dieting down to my ideal ratio that I would actually come in a bit low and then whenever I had some party food or a small setback, I’d already be ahead of the game.

Unfortunately, it turned out it wasn’t livable to try to […]

There is Never a Perfect Time to Transform

Short and sweet post.

I sat around waiting for the stars to align so I could begin my transformation.

During this time, I accomplished nothing.

Well, not nothing. I stressed a lot and felt angst and misery quite deeply.

There will never be a perfect time to transform

So start transforming now.

I strongly suggest […]

MetaZone System

I have been practicing the MetaZone System program for the last few months as I simultaneously worked to recover former strength levels. I was surprised to get back to my former personal best on squats while not experiencing significant muscle soreness nor injury. I am keen to continue to make strength gains in all areas […]