How to Sit, Stand, Walk, Bend, Sleep

It’s a pretty bold claim to say that this book teaches how to sit, stand, walk, bend and sleep/lie down.

I don’t make bold claims lightly.

I’m tired of back pain.

I’ve been ready to get this figured out, once and for all.

When I read about the Alexander Technique, I was thrilled because I […]

Kiya's Transformation Story: Guts and other tender bits...

Reprinted by permission.

Guts and Other Tender Bits

by Kiya Black

Something that came to me today, as I was out and about, enjoying the gorgeous weather, being social, having fun.

For years – years – I didn’t actually feel like my body was fully MINE. It was parceled out. A bit to the […]

Bulking Experiment

Naomi used a DEXA or DXA scan to measure her results. DXA scans are used primarily to evaluate bone mineral density.

Last time I shared that I had some health setbacks; I started 2012 in the best shape of my life and ended it in much worse shape. In December I had a DEXA […]