Transformation Seminar

I Tried Everything

You know how some people tell you they tried everything but if you drill down, you find out they maybe read about everything or talked about things an awful lot, but didn’t do a whole lot of getting up off their asses?

Well, when I say I tried everything, I mean I […]

Get Up And Get Off Your Ass!

Buncha Nutjobs Waking Up and Hittin’ the Gym I used to think morning exercisers had a screw loose. I went to the gym after work pretty much every night in my 20s. Then I got married and had me some kids and made a number of gym comebacks but nothing that stuck for all that […]

Eating Clean for Weightloss

What is “Eating Clean”

I recently asked about this term my Naomi Rules FaceBook page and boy, did this open a can of not-clean-eating worms. Turning a way of eating into a lifestyle is not a balanced approach. Trust me, I spent most of my life trying to eat “perfectly”. Now I realize my goals […]

No More Pancake Butt

Check out my “after” and “more after” photos.

Pancake Butt vs Better Butt


The first is a few months after my initial transformation. Not bad, right? But note the pancake butt.

The second photo is shortly after I added in some additional glute work. This photo is about 2 months into this work […]