Beautiful Badass on Sale!

Wow! Nia Shanks has a glutes program on sale, 30% off until Thursday.

Who’s with me?

Hello? I said Nia Shanks?


“Side” Effect of Transforming: Getting Younger

Let a Stranger Kick You?

A friend who’s been steadily dropping fat for about a year now said she recently tried a kick boxing class. It, ah, wasn’t what she expected. As in, people were trying to kick her. She was thinking it was more, you know, kicking and punching at air. I can’t […]

How Much Protein and When to Eat Protein

Does protein help with muscle growth?

Absolutely it does and the research bears this out.

But do to time your protein intake? Specifically, do you need a post-workout protein shake (or a pre-workout or during workout supplement of any sort)?

I just read about a recent study over on Brad Pilon’s blog ( where they […]

My New Worst Is Better Than My Old Best

Me, Last Week, After the Evil Vile Virile Virus

47 Years Old and Ripped!

Earlier this year, I won my fourth and perhaps final online fitness/transformation contest. I’m really proud of the look I achieved. You can see photos here. At the end of this contest, I was not only ripped, but strong! I […]