It's Dangerous for Teenage Girls to Lift Weights!

My older daughter recently became a teenager!

Do you know what this means?

Lifting Weights at 13

That’s right! She’s got her own gym membership! She is now able to work out in the weight area!

Besides getting a learner’s permit, this is the biggest teen milestone! Well, okay, maybe there’s a flaw in my […]

Darned Wheat!

A year ago, I gave up wheat for an extended period. The short story is I was suffering crazy gut issues and as part of my healing, gave up wheat, yeast, sugar in all forms and fruit juice – a simplified Leaky Gut Syndrome diet put together by my chiropractor. There were other parts to […]

The Tribe Without Knees

My Bad Posture: I am bending the spine where there are no hinge joints and head too far forward. Knees not bent at all. Shoulders slumped.

Alexander Technique

I’ve recently read my first book on the Alexander Technique called Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: How the Power of the Alexander Technique Can Combat […]

What Are You Reading?

Diets Don’t Work It’s funny how people conclude that diets don’t work. They follow a diet and lose weight. Then the “finish” and gain the weight right back.


Proved it.

Diets don’t work!

You know what else doesn’t work?

Washing dishes.

Brushing your teeth.

Clipping your toenails.


Why can’t all this crap just […]

Venus Index Phase 3 Review: Check Your Ego at the Door! (Part 1)

Venus Index Phase 3 is a Weird Program!

I’ve reviewed many programs and it’s generally a pretty straightforward procedure. Venus Index Phase 3 is, from the very first, in no way straightforward. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that the general concensus is it’s a pretty weird program.

Good weird or bad […]

Don’t Flatter Yourself

Learn How To Take a Flattering Photograph

Take Before Photos

I always coach my peeps to take before photos. So many people are unwilling to even consider doing taking an honest look at themselves. Believe me, I know it’s painful. I would not make you do this without reason.

First, it may be the […]