Making the Mona Lisa Smile

Does Mona Lisa Smile For You?

Confession time. When I first learned that the famous Mona Lisa was smiling, I was surprised. Maybe this will sound odd to some, but I’d honestly never perceived her expression as happy when I was growing up. Now, obviously, this statement reveals more about my childhood than it does […]

Starting a Dialog with Overweight Kids

Let’s assume it is okay to love our children enough to want to help them to leaning down, assuming there is a need.

Let’s assume we love and support our children no matter what their size.

Let’s assume we want the best for them for their whole life. This includes optimal health, both physical and […]

You Don't Have to Kill Yourself to Get a Body to Die For!

Venus Index Calendar Model April

From Frail to 70 Pushups and Hot!

April, now a mom to two, first got fit and strong when she joined the army.

She worked hard, didn’t over eat, and was able to do incredible things like 70 pushups!

Of course there is no magical formula that allows you […]