Men used to take their shirts off

Guys with Shirts off

Show me some skin, dude!

When I was growing up, men constantly had their shirts off. Can I get a woo hoo? Anyone? <crickets chirp> Perhaps no one recalls those days. It wasn’t a vanity thing. It’s just that when it was hot, off came the shirts.

Mowing the lawn, […]

“Why is my body so WEIRD???”

Yesterday, I heard this cry in a dressing room.

“Why is my body so WEIRD???”

I used to say the same!

“Why can’t clothing be designed to fit REAL bodies?”

Okay, please don’t hate me but I just realized, I don’t say this anymore. Everything I tried on in my size fits me pretty much […]

Damaged Metabolism

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Do you punish yourself? Enjoy the journey!

Have you ever been on a road trip? Not the usual grind of a drive, 4 hours to a regular family gathering, get ‘er done kind of thing, but rather to some place a lot further away. So far, in fact, that you realize there are going to be some opportunities not to be missed […]