Nipping it in the bud

Mono? I’m too old to get Mono!

In April, we had some fires burning out of control after a particularly dry winter. My throat hurt. A lot. Then I got Sleeping Disease. I found myself taking my kids to whatever activity they had and sleeping in the car until they were done. Normally, I’d run […]

Hanging with John Barban and Allen Elliott

I have kind of been keeping it on the low down but I recently got the opportunity to meet up with John Barban and Allen Elliott in Atlanta. John is the creator of the workout programs my husband and I use and love. Allen, like me and Al is a contest winner and true lover […]

How to Successfully Diet: Diets DO work!

Everyone swears that:

they have Tried Everything they are Broken and that Diets Don’t Work

Oh and also all the programs out there will tell you that It’s Not Your Fault!

If that were all true, why even try in the first place?

But then how do you explain people like me who were fat, […]

Weight Lifting Benefits Runners!

Back when I was flailing, hitting the gym for hours and hours and convinced I could exercise away my fat, I was doing a super challenging Sports Conditioning class at my gym. It is a bit of a cultish class. Something along the lines of Crossfit, except without the dedicated equipment. The feelings of being […]

Protected: Are you logging?

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