I'm proud of myself

Naomi Sandoval Venus Index Open Winner 2012

I don’t know why it feels awkward to admit that I’m proud of myself. But I am. I haven’t come right out and bragged that I took 3rd in the latest Venus Index Open Level II contest. It’s a pretty big deal for me; this is the […]

So you don’t like lifting weights?

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone, usually a woman, say she doesn’t like lifting weights, I’d have…oh I dunno, a few bucks? Okay, I am far too honest and that falls flat, but you know what I mean!

I kept thinking, gee, I gotta find a way to help this […]

Protected: Hurry hurry rush rush, then crawl

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Venus Index 1st Place Transformation Winner Lost 60 pounds after 2nd Baby!

Another Venus Index transformation contest, another round of inspiring winners. People, what are you waiting for? Venus Index is half price until Friday. Don’t overthink this! Get going now and you’ll be ready by summer. Check out my buddy Shannon, who just had her second baby and was 60 pounds up not that long ago! […]

Watching Paint Dry: A year of progress







Transformations are quick. Recomposition is slow. A year ago vs now. Can you see the difference?


Learn how the heck I did this! Check out the diet and exercise programs that actually work.


Venus Index Contest Photos!

Today is the last day of the Venus Index and Adonis Index contest. Don’t worry, there is another one right around the corner that you can (and should) enter. This is the first ever Open Level II contest for both Venus and Adonis and both my husband and I have entered so lots of excitement […]

Being overweight causes cognitive impairment

This recent study was about ex-football players, but it is not a huge jump to the general population. Yes, football players have taken more than their fair share of concussion causing bumps to the head. I’d speculate that even those of us who have not had our heads thrashed so much suffer cognitive impairment as […]