A girl walks into a barbell. Ouch!

Okay, okay, it wasn’t a barbell, it was a 25 pound weight plate. You know, the heavy thing that goes on the end of the barbell?

And true, I didn’t actually walk into it. I actually slammed it into my face.

But the joke reads better the other way, don’t you think?

I laughed. I […]

Orthorexia is a hassle

World’s Pickiest Eater

Here’s a brief (well, for me) history of my eating. As a child, I was the self-proclaimed “World’s Pickiest Eater”. So many flavors and odors offended me. Parents, I was your worst nightmare. My children have been tricky to deal with but nothing compared to how I was! If it didn’t have […]

Transformation Contests galore! Start tomorrow!

I’m back in contest mode! Who’s with me?

Tomorrow, my favorite program of all time, Venus Index, is running its fourth transformation contest! If you wanna transform and win some money for doing it, get hooked up! For reals! I’m in it this time too because this is also the first ever Open Level II […]

Designer Jeans (again)

Today’s photo shoot is BKE boot cut jeans. Love these! See the photos here on my new pinterest account.

The hat is a handmade baby hat that was for my younger daughter but alas, my girls wouldn’t ever wear hats no matter how cold it was. Believe it or not, I was freezing doing […]

Just for fun: Jeans!

Just for fun, today I’m going to talk about something that’s on my mind almost as much as delicious food, and that topic is jeans!

For anyone who wishes to have a peek, I recently got an invite to pinterest (shout out to Kelly! Thank you!) so I’ve started a board called Jeans: The whole […]

Venus Index Circuits Review - or How to Win The Venus Index Open Contest

Get the Venus Index Circuits, the program I used to win the Venus Index contest!

I’ve already shared how Venus Index is the workout program that makes my heart go pitter-patter and whittled my waist to an actual feminine size once again. Before I came across this program, I was using Turbulence Training.

This is […]

The average weight of Americans

The idea of taking a cruise sounds intriguing. I love the idea of sleeping only having to unpack once while getting to see a variety of exotic locations.

In my heart of hearts, unfortunately, I’ve actually always suspected cruises are more like an all out eating frenzy. All anyone ever talks about is the food! […]

How to get motivated at the gym

This afternoon, I was dragging a little and I wanted to have an awesome workout tonight. I want all my workouts to be awesome but I especially need every workout full on while we’re doing Anabolic Again Cluster Cycles.


Today, I went ahead and had an extra espresso to help motivate me. I’m glad […]

Standing Desk and Glute Activation

Please excuse the mess! This is my desk:

I kinda wanted it all prettied up before I showed it on the Internet but I’m realizing in life that it’s okay to move forward even if things are not perfect.

I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I’ve been using a standing desk. First, I’d […]