Starvation Mode

Everyone tosses around terms like “starvation mode” and “broken metabolism”.

Before I go on, ask yourself, honestly, do you really understand what these terms mean?

Also ask yourself, do you actually believe that these are common conditions?

You may be surprised to learn that researchers were forced to come up with explanations for why weight […]

I don't do

Don’t need no stinkin’ cardio to get lean! But watch out for the giant hands!

People sometimes come up to me at the gym while I’m lifting weights and ask me if I’m a runner. As if the only or best way to get a long, lean look is by running.

Would you believe […]

The Ben and Jerry’s pint is the single serving size, right?

When I was growing up, I used to sneak extra lunch money for candy. My mom had moved out when I was six years old and my dad was “raising” my brothers and me, but really, we were latchkey kids. He had already left for work by the time I got up and I just […]

Cop a Squat!

How’s your squat form?

No, I don’t mean with a barbell across your shoulders or any weights anywhere near your person.

I mean just a plain ol’ squat, your feet flat on the floor, your tush pretty darned close as well.

Can you get into that position? If you can, can you stay there for […]

Family Portrait: Walking the Walk, Together

This is us. My lovely family just 3 short years ago.

My goals in beginning my personal transformation were always about the whole family.

This is us now.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

Inspired yet?


What does Transformation mean?

Yesterday, I posted some photos of Al and me working out. I realize that in doing so, I may have alienated some people.

When I set out to transform myself, I had the same goal I’ve always had. Since my late teens, I’ve wanted to look as I now do. I just never could get […]

Cluster Cycles RULE!

I recently mentioned that we’re doing Adonis Index Cluster Cycles. This program is designed to help you increase how much you can lift in certain major lifts. Two weeks into the program, we’ve already witnessed incredible results!

Naomi and Al cranking out squats in Cluster Cycles workout

Week 1: Bench Press

In the first […]

Adonis Index Review

What’s this now? A girl reviewing a boy’s program?

Stay with me now. I really truly am doing the Adonis Index program and no, I am in no danger of looking like a boy. Learn more about the experience of using the Adonis Index programs from a guy, my husband, who used it to win […]

Team Naomi Wins/Time to Save on Venus and Adonis Index Programs!

Lots of very extiting news today! First of all, two of my clients placed in the Adonis Index and Venus Index contests today and I am a nervous wreck. This coaching malarky is stressful!

If you are on the fence about buying these programs, just do it right now! Venus Index and Adonis Index are […]