I resolved to never make New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never seen the logic of making New Year’s resolutions. The one and only one I’ve ever made was to never make New Year’s resolutions!

First of all, making a huge list of new habits means too many changes to take on all at once. It’s a formula to fail, and, in so doing, to […]

Transform now, accept yourself later

One of the things that held me back when I began my journey of transforming my body was a lot of “wisdom” about accepting myself.

The thinking was I needed to love/embrace/be at peace with myself before I started any sort of physical transformation because, guess what? Much like relocating, if I managed to make […]

Positivity begets positivity

When you begin making positive changes, you feel better about yourself. That positive attitude can’t help but spill over into other areas of our lives.

One of my top Naomi Rules Followers is digging back into her spiritual practice. I see her post positive Buddhist quotes each morning on FaceBook. I smile, knowing she’s started […]

Watching Paint Dry

Sometimes people ask me what I’m working on or why I keep posting progress photos. These are fair question!

There are two reasons I post photos.


First, I share my photos because I’ve worked hard to achieve what I’ve got and if I don’t make the effort to take and post these photos, I […]