Woo hoo! Al’s Adonis Interview is up!

For those of you who somehow missed it, Al, my husband, won 1st place in the Adonis Index Transformation Contest. He was perhaps not thrilled that I blogged his progress the whole way but more than thrilled when he won! Without further ado, here is his interview!!!



Venus Index Phase II Review

Venus Index History

For a quick recap, I’ve done the Venus Index Circuits and Venus Index Specializations (Boosters). This is what I used to win the Venus Index Open.

Then I did the original Venus Index program. I know that seems kinda backwards, but I came off another program that used circuits so when I […]

Nice Ass!

I’m always trying to help my clients learn to activate their posterior chain, ie, get the back side of the body working. And, as always, it’s not just because, well, you’ll wind up with a nice looking butt in the end (no pun intended!)

See, most of us are sedentary, meaning, well, we sit […]

I'm Enlightened Now!

And now for something completely different! And yet, entirely the same.

This past weekend, I did a Zen retreat.

So, what does that have to do with personal transformation?

In fact, everything!

But let me back up a little and recap.

Here I am, well over a year into my transformation – physical transformation, […]