Living la Vida

While my poor husband has wound down his transformation, I’ve been having fun with food. Before our vacation a few weeks back, I dieted down hard. Ever since, I’ve been eating. Yup, I’ve put on a few pounds and I’ve reached the limit with what I’m willing to gain, at least around the waist.

To […]

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Do you have any idea how much protein you should have on a daily basis? Do you assume you automatically get enough from your food? Or do you feel certain you need so much that you have to have protein shakes on a daily basis?

You may be surprised to find out the answer! Yes, […]

On Track for Greatness

Last weekend, we celebrated our anniversary with a 4 day holiday in South Beach. It was too short but very refreshing! We enjoyed our family time and we certainly enjoyed eating but now, for Al anyway, it’s back on the job as he finishes up the last 3 weeks of his transformation.

I am so […]

Eating Too Often Starts in Childhood

When I was a kid, all those many years back, things were different. Well, okay, we were latchkey kids and the babysitter was deemed unnecessary pretty early on so perhaps things were only different for my family. But anyhoo….we fed ourselves. If we were hungry, we went into the kitchen and made something. We […]

Course Correction

For those of you in the US, I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend and getting an extra day off work. Lots of people celebrate with barbecues. And picnic food. And beer. And chips and dip. And so on.

Did you over-indulge?

Today, did you think, “Aw, what’s the point? I might as well have […]