He’s nearly there!

My husband is so funny! Before he “hired” me as his coach, he didn’t think I knew any more than the next person. And to be fair, he was right on that until I finally got it figured out. Sure, I researched a lot. But so much of what I “knew” was just plain wrong*. […]

Accountability, continued, wherein Naomi gets tired of practically giving herself a hernia

After last’s weeks bloat, I took some action. Things are looking much better now.

Remember, photos are somewhat artificial. No one walks around in bikinis and heels, posing just so. The lighting in this photo is not perfect and hair and makeup are not done. I also did not do a water deplete, I just […]


When I was still not able to believe it was possible to get the body I really wanted, I looked closely at the photos of the people I was following. Some regularly posted current photos and I felt like they were the real deal, or in some cases, I wondered if they were on steroids. […]

What is a Realistic Body?

Every Day Look?

I posted my photos here with the idea of motivating people. That has definitely worked! People have seen what I’ve been able to achieve and are inspired. Some want to look like I do now, while others would be happy to get to where I was a year ago, around 9 pounds heavier but still […]

Meal Planning

Meal planning, is like any kind of planning. Sometimes a failure to plan is a plan to fail. But not always!

I’ve seen some pretty ambitious guidelines for meal planning. Some go as far as a month at a time. While I think it’s great to know that what you’ll be eating is according to […]

Being Leaner Saves Lots of Money!

We live in Florida and it’s hot. Very hot. And it’s muggy. I have always suffered here in the very long summer. We’ve lived here for 8 years now and this is the first summer ever that we have not even thought of turning on the air conditioning. Being leaner means we just don’t mind […]

Losing Weight Without a Plan

Have you ever accidentally lost weight? Or lost weight, only to gain it back again?

Unexplained Weight Loss

When my second daughter was born, I remember feeling really heavy for many months after her birth. And then, somehow, seemingly by magic, I found myself with a toddler and I was thin. Very thin. I’d sort […]

I Can Walk on Walls!

My daughter asked my husband when he decided to believe in me.

He said, “If someone told you they knew how to walk on walls, they had the formula, they explained it you you, you would not believe them. It’s not until you saw them do it that you’d believe it and do whatever they […]

Do I Look Better at 34 or 46 Years Old? You Decide!

I got married in 1998 and I thought I was looking pretty buff that year, if I do say so myself.

Guess which photo is me in 1998 and which was taken last month. Which do you think looks better?


Fat is a Creep!

This is one of those controversial posts. I don’t like being controversial, but I do strive to be honest, open, and helpful.

So, in that spirit, here goes.

I’ve put on about 2 pounds. My waist is up 1/2″.

Aaaagh! Aaaagh! Run screaming.

Okay, no, not really.

I know, most would say, what the […]