My hubby is playing with the numbers!

My husband has just come up for air. He’s been on his calorie counting iPhone app and the Panera and Chipotle websites. He is loving online data!

He just realized that at Panera, the bean soup and a piece of French bread is the same calories as a bagel with butter, but far more […]

Dieting While Nursing: Can it be Done?

“But I’m hungry!”

“I’m still eating for two!”

“It’s not safe to diet while breastfeeding a baby!”

There are many questions about dieting while nursing a baby or toddler. Is it safe? How quickly can you lose weight? What about detoxing; is there any risk to your baby as we all know toxins can and […]

An Inch off the Waist in Just Two Weeks!

My husband has been working hard on his transformation for two weeks. Today, he measured his waist. It’s down a whole inch! You should have seen the look on his face!

This stuff works! He’s so happy! And newly motivated to stick with it.

He hadn’t told me, but the scale dropped a […]

At Last! The Secret to Transforming!

I’m back from the pool, ready to continue my personal transformation story. If you have not read it yet, you might want to start at the beginning. It’s good, I promise. You’ll identify.

Here is where it all starts: Naomi’s Transformation Story: From the Beginning.

Now you are nearly ready to hear the Secret to […]

The Secret to Transforming!

This is the continuation of the ongoing saga of my transformation story. If you haven’t yet read parts I and II, here they are:

Naomi’s Transformation Part I and Naomi’s Transformation Part II

When last we spoke, our heroine (that’s me!) was at the gym 6 times a week, strapped into a sweaty heart rate […]

My Husband's Transformation: Taking it to the Next Level

The transformation techniques I’ll be writing about work, funnily enough, for men as well as women. Yup. That’s right! Men can do the same sorts of things as women and get slimmer, fitter, better looking bodies.

Who knew?

I’ve been hard on my transformation (although much of that hard work was just arm flailing) for […]

Part II of Transformation Story, in which Naomi Flails her arms

If you haven’t read Part I of my personal transformation story, I suggest you rush off and get all caught up!

There. You’re back? Cool beans.

I’m gonna wish that Fat Right outa my Belly! Sing it with me now!

So you’re wondering how that whole woo woo thing went with meditating away the belly […]

On Boobs and Fatloss and Thoughts on Spot Reducing

A question just came in on boobs and fatloss. Will they or won’t they go away?

The short answer is: Maybe. Probably at least to some degree, yeah. Perhaps entirely. Or not.

Generally, fat is first on, last off. Everyone carries their fat differently. This may be related to hormones and stress.

My husband is […]

Oh the Pain of Being Fat and Weak!

Young and Fit: Pre-Kids

When my husband and I met, we were regular gym-goers. (Is that a term? Well it is now.) We had a fit lifestyle. A few nights a week, we lifted weights and cardio. In the nice weather, we often went mountain biking after work. On weekends, we camped and went white-water […]

Transformation Photos

Before and after. Any questions?

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